Nofollow: When and When Not to Use Them

The nofollow attribute was brought about back in 2005, yet, although that was 13 years ago, there is still confusion over it. This is a little puzzling since it has not changed since it was started. This article is going to help clear things up a bit. We are going to go over what the nofollow attribute is exactly, detail the importance of nofollowed links, and then cover when nofollow links should and should not be used. So first, a little bit of history. Nofollow link were created in the early 2000s. Back then everybody that did SEO knew that links were part of Google’s algorithm, and to rank better, people misused links. They just made links in every way possible. So with spam getting worse and worse, Google decided to do something about it. The answer was the nofollow attribute. The premise was that you could let Google know that you did not want them to include this link when they were judging your site’s incoming links. Nofollow links can not get past PageRank, a Go